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My Goals For 2018

Reading back on the post I wrote this time last year I can confidently say I've accomplished nearly all of them. So I'll quickly review each one and talk about my new ones.
1, I wanted to get healthy, that I accomplished so well, as mentioned in my previous post, I said I wanted to eat more nutritiously which I did, drink more water, which I did, and get fitter, which I definitely did.
2, get more organised, I needed more structure to my life where everything was late, lat minute and unplanned. Now I have no choice but to be organised, with balancing college, work, gym, dancing, social life and homework I'm having to make sure I know where I need to be, who I'm seeing, how much sleep I need to prepare for the next day, if that's a 5am start or a long night out.
3, Drive. This is the only one I didn't even start, and that's because I didn't have the money to do it with no working most of the year. I'm also really really scared to drive and I'm no…

Oh 2017 You.

I know I don't blog anymore, but no matter what happened I vowed to myself that I would make an end of year post. Because as my blog would have no clue about, 2017 was the best year of my life.

So I started 2017 with one solid friend and two other semi friends. I barely had a social life because I worked so many hours, I was stressed and tired but I felt relatively happy with my life. Now, I freakin' LOVE my life! I left my job, started a new one part time, which is so hard because I've been welcomed to the world of budgeting. But I love it there, I've started college again and currently interviewing for universities for September, I'm studying to be a nurse and I'm absolutely in love with it. It's hard and tiring but I've missed learning and I've made some amazing new friends.
I became extremely close with the one solid friend I started the year with and we became part of a group of the most amazing genuine people I have ever met. I'm surrounde…