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A Change Of Direction

I think I've found the reason I'm not getting into my blog as I thought I might do... I mean it's been another 10 days since my last post and looking back I started this blog in February. It's now the end of december and over the course of the year I've done a grand total of 17 posts. To do a post uses time that I don't have, to write a quick post I'm fine with doing, it's having to upload photos that I find takes up soo much time and when I'm in the midst of college and have serious serious procrastination issues writing a blog post seems more of a chore than something I want to do.
 I'm thinking of taking a different direction with my blog, writing more about me as a person than the strange jambled mess it has been, I can promise it will still be a jambled mess anyways because what in life isn't a complete muddle?Especially in my life anyway.. 
So, my new posts are going to be about realness, real life and the real things that actually go o…

Christmas lights

15th of September. September. To say it's been a while is a slight understatement and I don't really know why it's been so long, there was internet issues, a change of companies, more internet issues, and I just never really got round to posting. With how busy and stressful college is and winter sending me into hibernation, blogging was just the last thing on my mind..

It's December! Almost the end of it actually.. but that means Christmas is soon so s'alls good. I went into my local town to look at all the lights and decorations they put up each year. I don't know how it works in other places but the Christmas lights switch on is a big deal here even though it's nothing special realistically, not when you compare it to New York or London haha. But they're still pretty and a good photo op.

*heart eyes emoji*
Oh you know, casual chocolate penguin and gingerbread house for SEVENTY FIVE POUND EACH...

Adventures in Tunisia: The Great Mosque and co

Back to Tunisian posts! We had another little escapade out into the culture of Tunisia by visiting The Great Mosque and learning its history and significance to the people of Tunisia, I've never been very religious but found this so fascinating to learn about, and the building itself is so beautiful and has an overwhelming feel of calmness.
After The Great Mosque we visited a slightly newer mosque which is 300 years old. This one had a more 'modern' feel to it, in the sense it was a bit more than just stone. It was decorated by really gorgeous tiling and archways.
The third place we visited was the place I took the most photos at. It was a fake Taj Mahal, built for the use of a film, and once the film had finished it was converted into an actual place of worship.

Photos start with the fake Taj Mahal:

The next photos are from The Great Mosque: The Great mosque is the most precious mosque in Tunisia, it was originally built in 670 AD but was rebuilt in 704 and 774. It's …

The garden centre and a meal out

So I'm going to upload a slightly different post today, to break up the Tunisian posts. I'm going to share a day I had quite a while a go (the 11th of August) because it was my mum's birthday, and it wasn't a huge amazing day but we spent the day together doing the most boring things it would seem to others, however to us, it made for a perfect day. I thought I'd just sit down and have a little chat about a nice day.

 So we spent most of the day at the garden centre because my mum absolutely loves them, she loves gardening and loves looking around at plants and I love planning the dream garden I'll have one day, but mostly I love the indoor parts of the garden centre where the cute homey/indie/homemade things are sold.
Also the fish part of the garden centre, as demonstrated by the following pictures.

As typical British summer would demonstrate to us, it started chucking it down so we hid indoors and decided to get something to eat at their cafe which was so cu…

Adventures in Tunisia - El Jem Colesseum

Following on from my photo diary yesterday, I wanted to talk about one of the more adventure-y side of things I did in Tunisia. On our ninth day there we took a trip to the inland to visit some of the country's historic and cultural sites. We took a coach down, where at the absolute crack of dawn we were given a brief history lesson on Tunisia's culture, on how it became an independent country, where its main source of income comes from and a general look into its past. I love things like this so I was on the edge of my seat so invested in what this guy was saying, others were less as enthusiastic at 7am and slept through it all.
Our first destination was the El Jem colosseum, which is the colosseum which was used in the film Gladiators, it's quite often the one used for films because it is more... 'put together' than the one in Rome which has eroded a little more over time. The building has so much history behind it, it's so surreal visiting places like this a…

Tunisian photo diaries

It's been a while since I've posted again. I went on holiday with my family, was all excited to post about it once I got back, but came home to no internet, so we had to wait for that to get sorted. I have such a long list of posts I want to get out, starting today with a little photo diary of my trip away to Tunisia. We spent two weeks in the little country north of Africa, where the temperature was a few degrees above absolute perfection and the culture was so interesting, and food so different from ours. There were camels who liked chewing my shoes and slobbering all over my face, trips to local landmarks, and small farms where we ate fresh bread cooked outside in an old school oven. There was even an ostrich at some point. And horse riding on dirt paths.
Here's the first of my photo diaries:

 I had actually tanned quite a bit but my leg compared to my mum's is quite scarily pale. Fair skin problems.

 This amazing, amazing, beautiful sunrise was taken at 5am on the …