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Christmas Lights 2016

So, third year running, this post has got to go up once again. Every year I post the same photos of the same lights that go up in my home town. I'm not bored of it, I love going to see the lights every year, I mean they're not the best things in the world, my city isn't the best city in the world, some little kid literally had an argument with us because he was destroying one of the displays and my mum muttered "no respect" and he was like "no respect?" and broke more of it whilst staring at us. I wanted to dangle him by his ankles. Kids in my hometown are fantastic. And the parents are even more so. But the lights are pretty, and the nativity scene is cute, and the ferris wheel is way too overpriced and my mum is way too scared of heights. But the gingerbread lattes are good and the John Lewis christmas section is beautiful.  I had a good day up town this day, I didn't get to see the switch on this year because I was working which I was mad about …

Three Christmas Lush Reviews

Last week I got myself back onto the blogging wagon, I enjoyed having time to myself again to sit down and write posts, I was writing up to two/three a day to make up for the huge amount of posts that haven't gone up this year, I knew I wasn't going to have time to post on Friday or over the weekend because they were all 15 hour shifts (which yes, are absolute hell) and this next weekend, which should be my weekend off, is Christmas and I think all I've got off is Christmas day. And I need a good rest so bad.
So because of work hours I haven't posted in a few days again. And I wasn't going to post today because I feel like death, I've gone down with something and I have Christmas to prepare for, but I don't want to do anything. I'm working 4-10pm tonight and I hate those shifts at the minute, especially when I'm ill. So today I just wanted to sulk and mope by myself.
But I haven't got a post up in a few days and I really want to push myself and…

Managing Time At Christmas

Christmas is -as everyone knows, the busiest time of the year, even nipping to the shops for a loaf of bread can become a mammoth task with the weather and the holiday traffic and the Christmas offers in stores that make you buy twice the amount of chocolate you really need, but so desperately want because it's Christmas and three for the price of two is so good, even if you are the only one in your house that eats it.

Between working, sneaky prezzie shopping, the huge food shop, card writing (and everything else that comes with Christmas) it becomes hard to manage normal life alone, turning Christmas into more of a chore than something enjoyable.  As Christmas is my favourite thing ever, and I realised that I just wasn't having any fun, just getting through the days with work, realising I've actually only bought a one present for everyone, not the huge bundles I was meaning to -I'd decided to take a step back out of my crazy life and get myself organised so I can enjo…

Currently Listening To: The Christmas Edition

For me there's three types of Christmas songs. The classics, the actual classical ones, and the modern ones. My all time favourite-its-not-actually-christmas-really-is-it-if-you-dont-listen-to-these
Christmas songs are the classics. As in all the ones from the 70s/80s.
So as I've not done a Currently Listening To in a (way too long) while, I thought I'd do a special christmas edition, as it is, after all, the month of Christmas.

The Pogues - Fairytale Of New York, I genuinely feel like Christmas isn't Christmas without this song. As a child it was my favourite, I always loved songs that started slow and calm then turned into a something huge and amazing. Flashdance was my favourite back then. And I loved how this just explodes with insults, my fave being "you scumbag you maggot you cheap lousy faggot" it's just great. And the song tells a story of real life which we know I gotta love.

The Darkness - Christmas Time, this was always fun to rock out to as a k…

19th Birthday Extravaganza In Winter Wonderland

I turned 19 on the fifth, I made so many plans for the day, which all got ruined because I had to go out to work until 10pm. Which was okay because I knew I still had the weekend.. and my god it was let down after let down and cancellations and re-plans, and putting my foot down with work, and everything else you can imagine.
At least I didn't fall down the stairs this year.

I did have a good birthday though, I got cards and presents from people at work, one of my clients sang to me as I walked through the door, and I spent two hours up town with my sister which was really nice, not long enough because I had to work, but it was nice.

So after an immense week of planning, I finally got me and my family on a train to Nottingham to the Christmas fayre. I've been trying to go to a christmas market for so long, and I've been missing trains and new places, and Nottingham since I came home from Bastille. So I was very excited. Just as I am for christmas itself, I'm a literal …

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It's official. It's happening. It has started. It's December the 1st. Four days until I'm 19 -but more importantly 24 days until Christmas day. I've been waiting for this since August. I have a few plans for Christmassy posts over this month but I don't know how successful I'll be because of my life consuming work which I can't seem to balance out with normal life.
The past few days have been shockingly cold, walking the streets at 6:30am in pitch black, -4 degrees, has been... brill.  But it has given us some pretty amazing sunrises and frosty ground. I've always loved being in a car with christmas songs, heaters on so high you can barely breathe, driving along and watching people de-ice their car, and the daredevils who are throwing boiling water over their windows with their fingers crossed. 
I wanted to sit down and show you a few Christmas things I've been enjoying, and a little tour of my bedroom which has been Christmas-afied, to an exte…

A Weekend In Nottingham With Bastille

God I've missed my blog! I said I would post more now I have a new laptop, but I can't figure out how the hell you put photos onto a post... I've been sat trying to work it out almost everyday and getting very frustrated because nothing makes sense. I've googled it and nothing is helping, I should probably just read the instruction manual though..
To make up for my absence I'm writing out a very long winded, lots of words, lots of pictures, post.

It's been twelve days since I went to go see Bastille live and it's been driving me insane not being able to talk about it because the entire weekend was entirely insane.
I booked train tickets, the hotel, everything entirely on my own and got very lost trying to find the hotel and trying not to cry in public in a city I didn't know.

I went with my sister, we met up in our hometown, town to catch a 10:25 train to Nottingham, which stopped pretty much bang smack in the middle of where everything we needed was. …