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Ibiza diaries: A trip to Ibiza town

This is a veeery picture heavy post. So I won't do much talking, on day three of Ibiza we went into Ibiza town, it was only £3.50 on a bus but we couldn't understand how to get one and ended up splitting a taxi with two other girls which cost us 27 euro total. Ibiza town is the most beautiful place I have ever visited, and we went at the perfect time too which meant we watched the sun set over it all. It's a city built up on a hill, with 'old town' being in an old kind of fortress at the top of it all. The streets are beautiful, cobbled, narrow, lined with stunning tall buildings. Then as you follow the town up you come to this huge arch at the end of a bridge which leads you into a gorgeous old fashioned town which winds up and up. The stairs are so slopey and steep and it's all traditional old style cobbled streets and words will never be able to describe the absolute perfect picture that Ibiza old town is. So I'll let the pictures do the talking.

This i…

A loss of innocence and a fight for independence - Chapter One

I know I've been gone a while, it feels like forever since I've been on my blog because I've just gone through the longest two weeks of my life, an entire three years could have fit into these past weeks. Time just stopped. I've been taken off my high horse again. I'd just reached a place where I was getting into a routine with my blog, I was hired the day before we flew off to Ibiza, I was starting to feel like I had my own identity again and my own friendship circle was reforming. And now I've been knocked allllll the way back to the bottom again. I've had a very rough few days, then badass "I'm strong enough for this" days, then "shit. I can't do this" days and "I'm done fighting for a life that is so against me" days. But now I've somehow found this odd sort of peace within it all.
My Operation Change My Life posts from way back, when I was lost and broken helped me to find who I was as a person and I need t…

Ibiza diaries: Our anniversary

I've missed my blog so much! And proper cups of tea! I'm so sad to have left Ibiza but also so happy to have my British comforts back. I'm on my second holiday right now and although I'm having the best time away from my very hated home town, I'm missing normality so terribly.
I (obviously) went completely overboard with the photos I took in Ibiza, so I'm having to break up my Ibiza post practically day by day.

This was day one...

We set off for Ibiza on October 5th, which was our official one year anniversary day. We had an early morning flight and landed in Ibiza at roughly 10am, which meant we practically had the whole day left. We'd planned to eat out a lot at local bars and restaurants so opted for self catering which meant we spent a lot more money but we enjoyed it so much.
We stayed on the opposite side of the 'party' part of the island, where it was more cultural. Ibiza's main culture is hippie and it was insanely beautiful and exactly …

Cute Halloween finds: a haul

This post is a little something different, I had bought/found some amazing Halloween things that I really wanted to talk about on here.  I'm about to go on holiday and needed a nice, light hearted post just to say goodbye for a week. Or maybe two. And this post just seemed perfect.
Tomorrow morning, at 6am, me and my boyfriend will be boarding our flight to Ibiza for 7 days, then once I'm back I'm going straight on a second holiday in England this time, with my family. I'm hoping to bring my laptop along to my England holiday but can't promise posts because I might be too submerged with having fun with my family. We'll see what happens.

This is just a little compilation of some really cute Halloween finds, as well as a sneaky, teeny, holiday haul just because I'm excited at the things I bought today.

So these are my purchases today. I've packed my suitcase ready to go but found I really needed some proper toiletry bags to put my things into. I picked up…