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Mother's day

I'm sure you're all aware that mother's day is in 4 days time (depending on what country you live in), so today I went shopping to buy my mum some gifts. Normally my mum tends to get candles, chocolates, and girly bath supplies but this year year I wanted to be a bit more personal and buy her things I know she wants. The presents I have bought aren't huuugely special and expensive because my mum doesn't need £300 spending on her to know she's loved haha.
  I started off in boots, because she's been after this foundation for quite a while now, she's really not a makeup person but she's slowly starting to get more interested in it so I thought she'd really be happy with this. But like the idiot I am, I didn't realise that, I have know idea what shade to choose from... luckily she is a similar shade to me just slightly more tanned, so I finally decided on a colour which makes my skin looks slightly browner... It's safe to say I probably loo…

My very first 'empty'!!!

A few days ago I finished my first makeup product! It was a very exciting day... So as a cause of celebration I thought it would only be fair to write an 'empty' review.
   To start with I'll tell you it's story as personally this product has quite sentimental value. This was the very first liquid foundation I ever had, it was given to me about three years ago because I was playing around with one of my dad's girlfriend's makeup and her foundation just suited me and wearing it made me feel so different and grown up. So she told me to keep it, I was so happy and it really got me into wanting more makeup.
The person that gave me this foundation had passed away not too long after giving it to me so its sentimental value obviously increased ten fold.
  The foundation was a lovely first foundation to own, it was a medium to heavy coverage and half a pump of it did my whole face. It only lasted about three or four hours before disappearing and also clung to dry patch…

"who are we?"

This is a bit more like a diary post... My exams are coming up soon and everyone has decided what they wanted to do after they left school, I've been switching and changing my mind for three years now because I just didn't know what I wanted to be. I'd think of a really good idea that I'd think I want, but after a while I grew bored of aspiring to be that person. A few days a go I realised what I wanted to be -I think. Throughout my whole childhood I used to play "office" where I'd dress up in my smartest clothes and grab all my notebooks and pens and I'd pretend to be a sophisticated businesswoman -like the ones you saw in films. This was who I wanted to be, and to this day that kind of job still excites me, but realistically I'm just not that type of person. So then I realised, something else I'd been slightly obsessed about my entire life is makeup -I'm no way a professional at makeup, I wouldn't even say I'm that good at it, bu…

Revlon colourburst balm in Audacious -review

I have fiiinally got my hands on the new revlon matte balm range, yay! I first saw this advertised on someone's blog modelled by Emma Stone and I fell in love with the orange(ey) one she was wearing. I'm not normally a huge lipstick person as wearing a bright colour on my lip terrifies the hell out of me, but there was something about this product that I just needed. With it being a bright orange colour I wasn't sure if it would even go with my hair since it's ginger but it actually, surprisingly worked!
 I love how this product has a chunky pen style applicator because I feel like I'm drawing on my lips which feels weirdly cool. The formula for this is so smooth, it glides on so perfectly and literally stays on forever without fading, it is very pigmented and has very good colour pay off. The scary orange isn't as scary when on but it does create a very bold lip -obviously. Another reason I bought this product because of my love for matte makeup, which is real…

A Good Day...

Today was a really good day, we didn't do much, but it was one of those days that has a certain feel about it and I just have the urge to talk about it. Me and my mum went shopping where I helped her pick out some clothes, we took my little brother swimming and taught him how to swim with floaties on then finished our afternoon out with a little costa trip. Costa is one of my favourite places in the world. I adore cute little coffee shop vibes and chatting for ages over hot chocolate and panini with my mum.
Once we got home we walked my dog and had a little play on the park with my brother, and again, something as simple as walking the dog just felt good today. Now we're all sat cosied up on the sofa to watch The Day After Tomorrow, which is one of my favourite films. It's just been a really good day.

 Caught this of my brother being dragged down the street by Meg.  This made me laugh so much I had to post it. She was going so whappy, running around like crazy, I couldn…

mac prep+prime highlighter review

It's March! which means spring should be here by now. But as usual England is continuing to give us rain, wind and lovely cold weather, although the sun is beginning to make little appearances every now and then which is the relief everyone needs after the long, gloomy winter. we've had.

So as spring nears, as does the trend to get your skin looking radiant and glowy, and perfect for those sunny selfies. The mac prep and prime highlighter stick is my holy grail product which I wear most days for my 'full coverage' make-up face. It is a liquid highlighter in a 3.6ml tube and sold at £18.00. It is dispensed by twisting the bottom of the tube which clicks a few times, into a brush applicator at the end of the stick. I then apply the liquid to my face in areas I want highlighted -which can be anywhere. I generally go for under my eyes, and along the centre of my nose up to the middle of my brows where it fans out into a tree-like shape. But it can be applied on the cheeks,…