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My Top 7 Favourite Films

Well hasn't this been a monster of a week! I mean it feels long because I've done so much and it's been so so tiring, but it's actually gone so so quick and I'm exhausted. I've got a  lot to say so I'll definitely make another 'life lately' post. But today I'm posting about something I've wanted to post for a while and I don't really know why. Like I talk about my music all the time, I felt like talking about my favourite films. Especially because there's two films I'm constantly constantly watching at the minute and I love rambling about things I'm obsessing over.
So I've put together a list of my all time favourite films. I have a lot,  I love so many genres, and it's impossible to pick favourites. But these films are ones I have continuously loved for years...

Peter Pan. This has been my favourite film since I was six and it came out. I can't really say what it was that I loved so much as a child, I think it wa…

How I Prepare Myself For Something I'm Nervous For

I'm breaking my rules by posting today, but tomorrow I do something really important. I was looking on Google for a post like the one I'm about to write but couldn't find the exact one I was looking for, so I thought if I can't find one, then I should just do one myself.

Tomorrow I start my training for work. Which means very soon I'll be working. I'm terrified and full of nervous energy, but also a little exhilarated. Because this is the biggest thing I've ever done. I've never done anything that scares me because I couldn't face doing it, and this job has been the first thing I've done by myself.
It scares me because it's not on a pathway. The pathway is school, college, uni, career and I've veered off that so there's no structure, just like there isn't in a field -away from the pathway.
It feels like I'm in an open ocean, there's no one around but me, and I'm in control of my own destiny and that's what terrifi…

Currently Listening To... (3)

My blogging was so bad last week. I had so many things to post and I had planned out every one, on top of trying to get out and exercise everyday, and tidy my god damn room, do my washing/ironing, general things that I've been trying to get finished since the start of January. And out of all of that, my biggest task last week was getting out of bed before 10am. Sometimes waking at midday. I think, I've set myself too many tasks and I was just too overwhelmed with it all, but it's something I need to adjust and get used to. Mondays are always my favourite days because I'm motivated, I woke up early and did what I'd set out to do today. I'm stiff all over from the amount of walking I did.
My room is almost finished, I have one load of washing left which is just my bedding, and the ironing which will come from today's washing and then I've truly finished everything.
I wasn't going to do a Currently Listening To today because I didn't have anything …

Vegetable Pasta Bake That Really, Truly Tastes Pretty Damn Good

Both of my kitties have fell asleep with me, looking at me, so I have two cat heads facing me with closed eyes. It does look a little creepy but they're so cute!!!
I've got The 1975's album on and I'm feeling like I'm on cloud nine, so I'm going to talk about last night's dinner. I was really proud of it so I thought I'd make it into a post because it's kinda healthy and New Year fitness inspired. I couldn't get the best photos though so I'm a little disappointed in that, but you know, that's life without a top notch camera!

Ingredients (to feed four people):

Whole wheat pasta, as much as you feel you need.An aubergine/eggplantClosed cup mushrooms, we used about 82 slices of red cabbageA handful of spinach A carrotTwo tins of tinned tomatoesGarlic, two to three cloves, or depending on individual's taste.A courgette, we didn't add this, this times, but I have in the past and will in the future.Method: Boil pasta in a pan of the hob u…

Currently Listening To... (2)

I have fell in love with a few songs this week, I don't think I have a whole lot to post about, but every song I've fell for, I've fell fairly heavy for. I was going to talk a lot about Panic's new album but I have too much to say about it so I think I might do an album review on it as soon as I can. I have so many posts I want to post, I've never had so many things to talk about before and I'm trying to have more of a schedule to my blog and it's driving me a little bit insane because I want to post every single post right now. I don't get how bloggers do this.

Trapdoor - twenty one pilots, these guys' older albums are so good, I normally don't like artist's older work because when they have come so far it becomes almost cringy to see the old them. But the self titled album is so so god damn good! I love this song from it and I can't really say why, I feel like it's the start of Blurryface. Not for Tyler, but the first step of puttin…

A Frosty, Creative Saturday

I have had such a good day today it's unreal. It was one of those chilled out days that wasn't spent in bed watching TV, my mum woke me up this morning telling me we were driving out to a park to take our dog for a walk. Which doesn't sound the slightest interesting, but the past two mornings have been completely frosted over so the park would be white and chilly and the air would have that nice crispness I love so much. I took a few photos knowing this had to become a blog post (if my USB worked), and after we were truly frozen and numb, we made our way home. I wasn't expecting to do much else today but I really didn't feel like lazying around, so I spent the rest of the afternoon painting, which is something I haven't done in so long! I'm not the best at art, but it's something I really enjoy, and it was nice to sit down, a cat sat next to me, and to just paint away whilst listening endlessly to twenty one pilots and chain drinking green tea. It felt …

Keeping Happy During Winter

Seasonal depression is something that I can definitely relate to. Although I don't like to say I have something I haven't been diagnosed with, so it's just something I can relate to. When it's summer and I think of winter I get excited at the thought of snuggly jumpers and crisp air and snow.. But then it comes and the house is dark because the windows can't let enough light in and the sky is constantly smothered by grey-ness, and everything is wet and uncomfortable. I become sluggish and un-motivated, cold and isolated, and very much sucked into TV.
This year hasn't been so bad, there have been cold but sunny days, wetness but not soggy-ness and I haven't turned blue the second I walk out the front door. But also, I've found a few things which are helping me to enjoy winter, and I thought I'd share them. As I did a post last year about "how I survive winter" but it wasn't the most inspiring of reads...

Vitamin D. With little sun for a …

Life Lately

One of, if not my absolute favourite blogger does these kind of posts quite regularly and I love reading them so much! I don't know if the photos attached to this post will be deleted because I've had to get them off of my Instagram page because my USB still isn't working and it's driving me insane! And I don't want to 'source' my photos because I don't want to link people to my Instagram, it's something I'm not comfortable with doing just yet. Therefore the internet my take down my photos, even though they are actually mine, there's not actually any proof they are. I might add "my photo" under every one and hope that it does something to keep them..

But about this post. I've had an interesting start to the year and I want to sit down and chat, and talk over something that's very important to me, and catch the blog up with my life happenings.
P.S also, while I remember, I didn't post a Currently Listening To this week b…

Hello, My Name Is Shannon And...

I haven't posted all week because I've been ill. You know how I get that flu thing a lot? Well, in truth, this isn't the flu, it's a very, very severe cold with flu like symptoms just not as severe as the actual flu. And also, the majority of the week I was fine, my resolutions of 2016 have been in affect and all has been good.
I have written out a post that I'm waiting to publish once my USB decides to work again, but I'm posting now because I have something niggling at my mind and I want to talk about it, and then I want turn this post into something else, as suggested by the title (which I haven't yet decided on).

I was thinking about change. The way I treat my life, and myself is so unhealthy and it's something I want to change in 2016, I want to become the person I've always wanted to be, the person who was stopped by high school bullies and then a lack of confidence and a spiral of scary emotions.
I was thinking about how basic my new years re…

An Odd Little 'Day In The Life' Post

Okay okay okay okay. Good day.
Very good day.
I'll speak in chronological order.
I woke at 9:00, today is the day I would finally begin my new year right. I had so much to do. I popped a croissant into the oven and got dressed whilst listening to The Killers 'Somebody Told Me' on repeat.
I wore my work out clothes which is generally leggings, a white shirt, and a navy hoodie with trainers. But the only pair of leggings I had happened to have a hole in the most visible of inappropriate places. And the only other thing I could wear was jeans. And who the hell can run in jeans.
Not me.
So I had no choice but to go on a power walk. Where and old man raced me and won and I felt very ashamed.
When I came home I was supposed to put on load after load of washing and tidy my room and do my ironing. I've just put the first load of washing in the dryer. Because clever me forgot to press the 'on' button on the washing machine. As for tidying my room, it's impossible, I…

Currently Listening To.. #1 of 2016

I am having the most sluggish of days! Days meaning multiple days. I'm so so desperate to lose this Christmas weight, and get myself into my 2016 mind frame but I'm unable to do anything because my brother isn't back at school yet and I'm babysitting. I mean if I really wanted to, I could find a way and make things work, but meh.
I'm tired all the time.
But he goes back tomorrow and the second he does I'm off out running! And then I've got to tidy my room and completely de-junk it. I have a ton of stuff to do, I'm even thinking of switching my room around because it semi doesn't work as it is, but I like it like this so I'm really unsure...

Last year I really fell behind in the whole 'YouTube' world, and only really semi consistently kept up with Zoe. (Sugg)
But today I've found a new YouTuber and she made me miss the beauty videos I used to watch all the time, the ones that inspired me to make this blog. And it made me want to make a…

My 2016 Goals/Resolutions

I just read over the post I wrote a year ago today to compare resolutions, and without realising everything I said in last year's post was repeated in yesterday's post, in almost the exact words.
Which kinda ruins this post, I was supposed to summarise how last year's resolutions went then talk about my new ones. (last year's post is simply called "2015" which you can find in the search bar on my blog because I'm too lazy to link it)
To quickly conclude, I succeeded in all my resolutions.
This year is an important year for me. I'm not one who really sees new year's as a new year.. It's just another day on this concept we live our lives by, called "time".

But this year, I need a fresh start, I need to think that last year is wrapped up and done. I need closure to move forward.
This year is going to be the most challenging year of my life, because I have to push myself. I'm constantly dreaming, constantly saying "oh yeah, I co…