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Five Happy Things

I've just finished my last exam for the term, now sat down with a loose leaf tea (my favourite), and reading through some blogs when I came across a post from my all time favourite blogger Little Winter, she wrote a post called five happy things and it was something I really needed to read today. So I'm borrowing her idea and using it in a post of my own. Five happy things is just a simple 5 moments/things/people that I have appreciated lately, just to make me appreciate the little things a bit more.

1. Loved ones My friends and family have been my absolute rock these past few weeks, they've been there for me in more ways than I could possibly hope for. My friend has been stern with me in a loving way to motivate me to finish uni, to go to the gym, and to keep away from naughty foods. My mum has been a place to go to, a sanctuary away from the stress, my sister the best distraction, and my boyfriend has been the best shoulder to cry on and go to person to let loose on my p…

...Here's What's Going On Right Now

I'm trying to hard to sort my life out right now, I've got caught behind on so much and stopped looking after myself, so I'm having a random spur of quick-get-everything-done. Which actually, essentially is just, do some washing, tidy my room and get up early tomorrow and to the gym and then uni. Why these feel like impossible tasks right now I don't know.
While I've been dashing around my room sorting washing etc I realised I was mentally writing out a blog post in my head and couldn't physically do anything more until I sat down to write one.
I've been contemplating for a while about coming back onto my blog, I've written a few posts which were never finished because I physically couldn't finish them.
All I want to do is update the blog on the crazy new current situation that is my life but because my heads been so "bleh-way" (the only spelling I can somewhat sum up what the noise in my head is shouting) I've never found how to end t…