Hi, I like sunflowers

I like sunflowers
The colour yellow always makes me happy
The sea is my favourite sound
And smell
And place
I like cuddles with my cats
And feeding farm animals
Candles are my favourite gift
A cup of tea is the best peace offering
I love too hard
I bite off more than I can chew
My dreams are always huge
I like public affection
The version of me that is happy in the sun is the best version of me
I'm always dancing
I have a plethora of notebooks
And endless shelves of books waiting to be read
I take photographs of everything
Own way too many shoes
And listen to music at way too high a volume
Fluffy socks overtake my drawers
As well as Disney pjs and novelty underwear
I  wear dungarees all the time
And I love dinosaurs

I'm a very simple person with a very complicated heart

I sulk too much and
Can never apologise first
I get hurt too easy
And find it easier to walk away
Sometimes I switch off and disappear for days on end
There's a lot of darkness in me which is why I'm a…

Hidden Gems of Leicester: A photo diary

Throwing something a little different out today. I used to do these kind of posts all the time, go on a cute walk, take lots of photos and whip them up on the blog.
Being in quarantine has meant I can't go out for dinners and coffees or to my usual hang abouts to pass the time, which has resulted in me using my hour allowance of exercise each day to make sure I'm going out and seeing anything other than the four walls of my house.
There's a field with a bridge that I have been driving past and admiring for years, wanting more than anything just to take some cute photos of the bridge.
A few days ago on one of my walks I finally found the entrance to the field, and today, and went through it.
It was the most beautiful place I've ever found near my house. There's three bridges over a brook that runs through the field, there's a small (kind of) waterfall, a few ducks, and the whole thing is just so beautiful. I am going to be having the most extra picnics there in …

Tips on adjusting to Quarantine Life

I wanted to write a few words on how I'm coping with being in quarantine. I truly thought I would absolutely crumble, that all the work I'd spent on keeping busy and healthy would be undone by the coming weeks of being stuck in the house. Feeling that naturally, I would go back to my unhealthy habits of staying in bed all day, sleeping in all day and staying up all night, surviving mostly off of ridiculous quantities of tea and never brushing my hair.
But we're on day 7 now, and I'm coping pretty damn well.

So I thought I'd talk about how I'm keeping my head above water, and actually enjoying the time I have at home at the moment.

The turning point for me, realising quarantine was going to be okay, was when I came across some information on how we, as human beings, have the ability to adapt to new circumstances. It's one of our scientific advantages that brought us to the top of the food chain, for our physical ability to adapt to different climates through…

Facing quarantine head on: The Quarantine Plan

So in my last post I was really feeling the effects of the pandemic and was terrified of the impact it would have on my mental health. Since then the best thing happened - the sun came out.
For the first time since last September, the sun is shining, it's warm enough to wear slightly lighter clothes and it's dry!!
This has picked my mood up so much which allowed me to see things a bit better, I've shut off any negative thought I have about self isolation and ensuring I'm looking at it as an opportunity to get lots of stuff done, pick up running again, get stuck into writing and spending time with family.

So last night, when I came home from what (should be) my last day at work for the unforeseeable future, I went for a run and decided to create my Quarantine Plan.
This is a little list I've made in a notebook on all the things I'm hoping to achieve throughout my self isolation. This is going to give me things to do to keep my self care and mood accounted for, b…

Coronavirus and mental health

It's been a while. Life is drastically changing around me at the moment so I'm just taking the time to sit out and let things re-slot into place. I've been absent with friends, family and myself recently and as always, my blog paid the price.
But I'm here today to talk about mental health -as if I ever talk about anything else on here these days. It's a tough time in the world right now, the globe is being faced with something we've not really dealt with in our lifetime before, except from obviously HIV and ebola, but this seems a lot more scary than them, but maybe I was just too young to really be affected by it. I don't remember worldwide quarantines being a thing though, I'd check for the facts for the sake of this post but I'm honestly feeling too deflated to.

I'm not in quarantine yet, I work in a job that has an NHS contract so we have to legally stay open in case of emergencies - which are rare so our days are filled with nothing but san…

The little things you should stay alive for

There was a point in my life, not all that long ago, where I had lost all hope, and I was desperately trying to cling on and find something worth living for. Because sometimes depression, or just a really tough period, feels so big, its so dense, and heavy. And sometimes "having hope" or believing that the storm will pass soon is not enough. Sometimes the promise of better days isn't enough to get you through the now.
A few months ago I came across a list online, from someone else grasping at straws and trying to find reasons to carry on, and it resonated with me. I loved it, and used that same strategy, it was just a list of little things that seem so silly in being able to help your low moods, but sometimes its the little things that we need. The bigger picture is too much to cope with. Trying to say "oh I'll be happier once I get out of my job" or "move house" "leave my toxic relationship" are heavy, dense things, they are big life ch…

Self care Sunday: Florence by mills review

I do love a good self care Sunday. There's something about having a little reset day before taking on Monday and setting goals for the new week.  I also love a me-time day. I don't get much of it at the moment because whenever I'm not working I'm trying to fill my days up with plans with friends, running errands, writing or going to the gym. A lot of things are slipping through my fingers and not getting done and the weeks are whizzing by, so it's nice just to dedicate Sunday to slowing time down a bit and taking care of me. Despite me actually working on Sundays. So I got home from work, changed into my dressing gown like the grandma I am, made a cuppa and started filling the bath. I recently bought a face mask from the Millie Bobby Brown collection, Florence and really loved it. I knew I needed to talk about it on my blog because I'm such a huge fan of Stranger Things and MBB, I had high hopes for her brand and was surprised by the genuine quality of it and a…