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Playing At Real Life Knights And Princesses

I'm still here, I've not disappeared off again, I've just had (and still am having) a very hectic, crammed in, lots of hours, busy, few days at work. I've got a few hours break today so I'm posting this which I wrote up a few days ago, and hopefully I'll manage to take a few photos today and perhaps write some new things up. Technically today should be a Currently Listening To, but I've got so much to do today on my break I want to post this so I know I definitely managed to post today. I know if I leave it too long I'll take forever to come back again, so for now, here's a little throwback to a summer adventure...

This was something I tried to get up when I had that semi adventurous week off this summer. My mum took me and my brother to a place called Warwick Castle, anyone in the UK should know what that is, it's the ruins of an old medieval castle in the most beautiful little English town I've ever seen. I'd be lying if I said I didn&…

Bastille's Wild World album Review: Part II

So I've split the post into two halves because one, it's a bloody big album, and two, it was getting too long I think I'd have sent everyone to sleep. I just have too much to write about them... anyway, here's the second half.

11, Blame.
I've loved this song for a while as it's been played live at shows for a while, this is definitely more my kind of song. It's rock-y and heavy and punchy and badass. It has quite a mortifying story behind it though. It's about gangsters, and someone is about to get shot. So the song tells the story of heightened emotions and final thoughts. The production of this song is so amazing! It plays out the scene in your head while also letting you see inside this guys mind and it's insane, it's so edgy and full of suspense!

12, Fake It.
Another favourite, I absolutely adore this song, it's another released single about a relationship gone wrong but it's actually a hidden message about world corruption, which I lo…

Bastille's Wild World Album Review: Part I

So the "hello I'm back" made no affect on me actually posting ever again... But I'm back again, to finally post something I have been waiting to post for a very long time! I love writing about the music I love and I love doing my little album review things. The reason it has taken so long for me to get this post up is because it took me so long to wrap my head around the album. I couldn't talk about it because I wouldn't know how to put my thoughts into words, it's a complex and very dimensional album, which is what Dan (lead singer) wanted, and it's so good! I love nothing more than picking through songs and getting a deeper understanding of what they're about - especially songs with happy music but depressing lyrics. So I've been listening to the album on constant repeat and I feel like I've finally decoded the songs enough to have a good ol chinwag about them.

So the album is called "Wild World" and has a consistent theme of t…

Hello I'm Back!!!

Oh how much I've missed seeing this blank page ready to be filled up with whatever the hell falls out of my mouth. I'm on my break at work and I really should be relaxing because I've got another six hours of the day left but I miss my blog too much and I really need to post something. My hours are becoming more humanisable starting Monday so I'll have time to start posting again thank god!!! I'll also have more time for a reasonable sleep routine (on my nights off at least) I haven't ever really minded because I enjoy working so much but I really am reaching a point where I miss having a life, I miss not being able to see my friends, and having my clothes organised (everything gets washed, then I pick things out of the dryer until it's all eventually worn and the cycle starts over again. Because I just don't have time to sort things through), my bedroom needs a good spring clean, my calendar is still on June... I'm a mess!

I don't have a direct…