Hi, I like sunflowers

I like sunflowers
The colour yellow always makes me happy
The sea is my favourite sound
And smell
And place
I like cuddles with my cats
And feeding farm animals
Candles are my favourite gift
A cup of tea is the best peace offering
I love too hard
I bite off more than I can chew
My dreams are always huge
I like public affection
The version of me that is happy in the sun is the best version of me
I'm always dancing
I have a plethora of notebooks
And endless shelves of books waiting to be read
I take photographs of everything
Own way too many shoes
And listen to music at way too high a volume
Fluffy socks overtake my drawers
As well as Disney pjs and novelty underwear
I  wear dungarees all the time
And I love dinosaurs

I'm a very simple person with a very complicated heart

I sulk too much and
Can never apologise first
I get hurt too easy
And find it easier to walk away
Sometimes I switch off and disappear for days on end
There's a lot of darkness in me which is why I'm always chasing light
Sometimes my reflection scares me
And I shut people out
There's a barricade around me so heavy, sometimes it's hard to see that I like sunflowers and everything yellow
Sometimes I get scared that black is all people see when they look at me

I've always been an all or nothing kind of person
Recently that's been turned on its' head
That scares me
I wrote down all the things I'm too afraid for you to see.

Shan x


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